• Teak Servers - Claw Style
  • Teak Servers - Claw Style
  • Teak Servers - Claw Style
  • Teak Servers - Claw Style

Teak Servers - Claw Style

These claw style teak servers and thoughtfully crafted and designed to be functional for everyday use. Each product in this range of kitchen utensils and serveware is hand made from a single piece of Thai teak wood, an abundant natural resource native to the region, and is treated with food-safe palm oil.

As second-generation craftsmen working with wood and lumber, the artisans who create these pieces are environmentally-sensitive, seeking to sustainably maintain their craft in connection with the forest. Every source of this teak is certified by the Department of Forestry to have used sustainable farming practices. The wood is also harvested at the precise age when the tree yields the highest quality materials, ensuring long-lasting use. Teak’s high oil content, tensile strength, and tight grain make it particularly suitable to withstand water and changing weather conditions. For this reason, teak is used in manufacturing a wide variety of goods, from furniture and boat decks, to cutting boards and kitchen utensils. As teak ages, it develops a remarkable patina, becoming darker with a rich, deep red color.

Care Instructions:
Wash with hot, soapy water after use. Dry lightly with a cloth and then allow the piece to air-dry. If strong smells from eating or cooking persist rub lemon into the wood to remove impurities. We recommend occasionally using a food-grade mineral oil to keep the teak from drying out or cracking, as well as to maintain the finish.


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