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  • Nagano Soba Cha
  • Nagano Soba Cha
  • Nagano Soba Cha

Nagano Soba Cha

Soba cha, while not actually tea as it does not come from the Camellia Sinensis plant, is the roasted grains of Tartary Buckwheat, a cousin to the common form of buckwheat found in most kitchen pantries. This specific form of buckwheat was domesticated in east Asia and continues to be prevalent in China, Tibet, South Korea and Japan. A unique difference of Tartary Buckwheat is its sizeyou'll notice the grains are smaller and do not contain as thick a husk. Another notable difference is what lies within the grain: a nearly 100 fold amount of the chemical Rutina powerful chemical known for its potential biological effects, such as in reducing post-thrombotic syndrome, venous insufficiency, or endothelial dysfunction.

All soba cha is not created equal. While grown in several locales in Japan, Nagano and Hokkaido are both widely lauded as the De Facto producers of high grade buckwheat. Our Soba Cha comes from Nagano Prefecture, more specifically the Togakushi region. Cool weather, access to fresh spring water, and optimal soil make Togakushi the central area for producing high grade soba. Sugars in the buckwheat kernels caramelize as they are fired leading to a naturally sweet cup with a golden liquor and lasting, toasted finish. Naturally free of caffeine.

Tasting notes : Toasted grain, Pervasive Sweetness

How to brew : Use 6-7grams of soba cha. Pour 180ml of water at 188°F, brew for 1 minute.


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