• Kaweco D1 Soul Refill - Black
  • Kaweco D1 Soul Refill - Black

Kaweco D1 Soul Refill - Black

These black D1 Soul refills can be used as cartridges for a selection of pens, but are designed for the Kaweco Sport and Liliput ballpoint model. Purchasing refills will extend the life of your pen, and is kinder to the planet. With various colors of ink available these Kaweco refills also allow you to personalize your script.

Kaweco is a German pen company that first opened in 1883 in Nuremberg, Germany. Throughout its rich history, the company has always balanced innovative design with the essential features of excellent stationery. Their core collection features fountain pens, rollerballs and mechanical pencils, each of which emphasize the joy and simplicity of handwriting.

Item details:
Each comes with five cartridges.

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