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We are proud to be working with Kettl, a Japanese tea distributor located in Brooklyn, NY. They have been working with growers and producers in Japan, sourcing their teas directly from the source which results in being able to supply pinnacle-grade tea at reasonable prices directly to customers. All teas are packed in a date-stamped oxygen free packaging, air-shipped directly from Japan and cold stored in our store until dispatch.

Being one of the highest grades of green tea in Japan, Gyokuro goes through a long shading process (appx 20 days), which gives its buttery sweetness and intense umami flavor.

Shizuku Gyokuro (50g) $40  —  Kombu / Dashi Stock / Pine
This hon, or true gyokuro, is shaded for 20 days before being hand harvested. Elevated levels of the amino acid theanine impart a deep and pervasive savoriness that is balanced by a gentle floral finish.

Competition Grade Gyokuro (50g) $58  —  Clover / Buttered Spinach / Wildflower
This tea is competition grade - it was hand picked and produced specifically to represent the grower at local and national contests.
Grown from heritage plants, tea of this pedigree is a rarity in Japan.

Mare Gyokuro (50g) $62  —  Pine / Wilted Greens / Fresh Wildflower
Tsutsuji is hand-picked and processed to be shown competitively in Japan.
Laser focused and round on the palate with a balanced umami and sugar pea like sweetness.
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