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Japanese Gyokuro Tea

We are proud to be working with Kettl, a Japanese tea distributor located in Brooklyn, NY. They have been working with growers and producers in Japan, sourcing their teas directly from the source which results in being able to supply pinnacle-grade tea at reasonable prices directly to customers. All teas are packed in a date-stamped oxygen free packaging, air-shipped directly from Japan and cold stored in our store until dispatch.

Being one of the highest grades of green tea in Japan, Gyokuro goes through a long shading process (appx 20 days), which gives its buttery sweetness and intense umami flavor.

Shizuku Gyokuro (50g) $42
 / Toasty / Savory Tang
Fukuoka, Japan

From the award winning village of Hoshinomura deep in the mountains of Fukuoka, Shizuku represents a class of tea rarely found outside of Japan's domestic market. Crafted by one of the Japan's most celebrated Gyokuro producers, this tea perfectly represents the power and dashi like umami of Fukuoka Gyokuro. Shizuku means "single drop" and is a term used to describe a style of drinking Gyokuro in which a high volume of leaf and a small amount of water is used to produce a single drop of intense, richly flavored tea. Our Shizuku Gyokuro is crafted using the traditional "Honzu" method of rice straw covering. Honzu accounts for less than 10% of Gyokuro made in Japan - but teas made in this traditional style are known for their "taste of the wind". This is a spectacular Gyokuro and a wonderful step into the world of old school, traditionally made tea. 

Asahi Tencha (20g) $53
Ambrosial / Clear Umami / Concentrated Sweetness
Uji, Japan
We are excited to offer an unblended 100% Asahi Cultivar Tencha. Tencha is the unmilled form of matcha—the leaves have been cultivated in the shade of traditional rice straw coverings, hand picked, and gently processed. We describe the flavor as the “bass note” of matcha—a glimpse at what’s to come—floral, fresh and savory.

Mare Gyokuro (50g) $72
Wildly Rich / Intense Sweetness / Mildly Fruity
Fukuoka, Japan

A stunning traditionally produced Gyokuro from the Hoshino Valley in Yame. Crafted from leaves shaded 25 days beneath rice straw, hand-picked, and machine finished under the watchful eye of the producer. Mare is simply breathtaking—power and finesse in equal measure. And don't take our word for it, this Gyokuro was the 2016 Nihoncha Awards platinum prize winner. Mare is painstakingly produced as "Dentou Hon Gyokuro" meaning all available resources were given to these plants - a house-blended fertilizer consisting of line-caught fish, rice straw "Honzu" shading material, hand harvesting, and a gentle "hiire" firing to coax out the sweetness of the leaf. We love the range of flavor and the enchanting scent of the mountains that this tea carries. Please note this is very limited in the amount we can procure as the production total for the year is very low.

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