• Handwoven Seat Cushion
  • Handwoven Seat Cushion

Handwoven Seat Cushion

These unique seat cushions are meticulously hand tied using a technique called Kurashiki Knotting that originated in a city of the same name in the Okayama prefecture of Japan.

Inspired by aspects of nature and the principles of Japanese Folk Craft known as Mingei, the designer and maker crafts these unique seat mats to add beauty and color to spaces while being simple and not too overpowering, keeping the cushions’ daily use in mind. She pays close attention to each stage of production: from selecting the wool to dying and to the knotting process. Each cushion takes at least 2 months to produce. 

The premium wool threads she uses are typically used for weaving into Kimono fabric. Wool has temperature regulating properties due to its ability to absorb moisture, meaning that the fiber stays cool during hot weather, and warm in cold weather. This allows the cushion to be used throughout the year.

How to care
The skillful weave and quality materials make this cushion very durable. With proper care, these cushions can last over twenty years of use.

Clean cushions with a lint roller every once in a while. Stroke and brush the threads with your hand, going along the thread direction.

Hand wash only. Dissolve neutral detergent in to lukewarm water and clean it by gently pushing the cushion with your hands. Rinse out detergent thoroughly. You can use the spin cycle afterwards to wring out water, but do not launder. Line drying outside is strongly recommended in order to preserve color and to keep the cushion airy.

Small: 12" x 12"
Medium: 14" x 14"
Large: 15.7" x 15.7"

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