• K1 Petty Knife - Walnut
  • K1 Petty Knife - Walnut
  • K1 Petty Knife - Walnut
  • K1 Petty Knife - Walnut

K1 Petty Knife - Walnut

The motto of this historic knife manufacturer is 'Good Knives are Made by Hand', and they have stayed true to these words for over 140 years. Each blade has been made the same way since 1872 using a special Solingen dry grinding technique. By grinding the blade at a steeper angle than most common knifes, the tapered edge is much sharper and stays that way for longer. At the final stage of shaping the blade undergoes a process called blue-glazing, which is one of the most time-consuming and complex techniques. It leaves each blade with a resonant, bluish tone and an extremely smooth surface. The 67 step process of production for each knife is carried out by master craftspeople, using the finest grade steel and a stunning selection of German woods ranging from cherry to walnut and iced beech.

The 'K' series of knives are based on the Japanese double bevel technique, which involves sharpening the knife to 20-30 degrees on both sides. The process makes the knife itself more versatile, as they are able to cut fruit and vegetables or meat and fish with ease and a superior cut.

Item details: The name 'petty knife' is said to derive from the french petit meaning small. They are designed for precision handiwork in the kitchen, such as finely chopping herbs, shallots and garlic or small fruits and vegetables.

The finely ground blade is deceptively light, and is made using a proprietary stainless steel (chromium, molybdenum, vanadium) which is harder and more durable than the average European stainless steel. Walnut is highly prized by woodworkers for its dense woodgrain and deep brown color. The darkest colors occur in the trees heartwood, and it has a natural shock resitance meaning it is less likely to crack if dropped or knocked. Over time natural walnut will develop a richer, darker color and shiny patina.

Available with plum handle, as well as dishwasher safe polyoxymethylene (POM).

Measurements: Length: 8" Blade: 3.75"

Care instructions: The wooden handled version of this knife is not dishwasher safe. Avoid leaving to soak to prevent discoloring or cracking the wooden handle. We recommend treating the blade with a food-grade knife oil on a semi-regular basis.



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