Japanese Sumac Wax Candles

Environmental-friendliness is the greatest feature of these candles. Each candle is made completely out of sustainable resources, including 100% Sumac wax, and Rush Weed, Washi Paper, and Silk Fibers for the wick. Due to its structure and the cylindrical design of the wick, it burns stably and beautifully with a larger flame than conventional candles. The sumac wax and wick dissipate evenly into the air while lit, and produce no smoke, no toxins and essentially no odor. Since only natural ingredients are used, even extinguishing the flame produces little soot and odor. 

To make each candle first blocks of sumac wax are melted down. The craftsman then scoops them up the melted wax in his left hand using a special bamboo jig. He rolls the Japanese candle wicks and inserts glass fiber sticks, while using his right hand to surround the wick with a layer of wax. After forming an initial small candle, it is left to dry, and then the same process is repeated a number of times until the candle has reached the desired length and diameter.

These Candles are wonderful to use with meditation, as they are timed, non toxic and have a large flame to focus your attention. The flame in particular helps to emanate a sense of emotion rarely seen due to the electrical lights that illuminate our daily lives. While emanating a gentle, ethereal warmth, the candle even seems to subtly change its expression in response to prayer, conversation, or self reflection.

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