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We are proud to be working with Kettl. Working directly with growers in Japan, we are now able to supply pinnacle-grade tea at reasonable prices directly to customers. All teas are packed in a date-stamped oxygen free packaging, air-shipped directly from Japan and cold stored in our store until dispatch.

Ayame Kabuse (100g) $31 
Baked Grass / Nori / Creamy
Nagasaki, Japan
Bright piney aroma with a dose of round, buttery, and umami, Ayame Kabuse is a Sencha that undergoes shading before harvest. This short shading period takes place 10 days before harvest and intensifies the color of the leaf while adding depth and sweetness. It also works to limit the development of any astringent or bitter qualities in the leaf. Kabuse is often described as the link between Sencha and Gyokuro. It maintains the refreshing brightness of Sencha while also offering a richer, deeper umami associated with Gyokuro. Recommended for those who like their Sencha deep and rich with plenty of unctuous mouthfeel. 

Asa No Yume (50g) $34
Intense Aromatics | Artichoke Heart | Toasted Cashew
Nagasaki, Japan
Just a short drive from the famous tea growing region of Ureshino in Saga prefecture lies the area of Higashi Sonogi in northern Nagasaki prefecture. Higashi Sonogi lies just inland from the Omura bay - just close enough to catch from of the cool breeze of the water. Nagasaki is warm and the cultivars grown here are the classics you'd expect in this region - but bucking the trend, Asa No Yume is made from 100% Asatsuyu cultivar leaves. Asatsuyu is the parent cultivatar of Saemidori (it was crossed with Yabukita) - the reason being it is notoriously difficult to grow. Nagasaki has lower frost risk than many other others—in part due to the ocean breeze - and the soil and hours of sunlight make Asatsuyu a better candidate for the area. And we are thrilled. Asatsuyu provides a clear, sweet brew with an astonishing color in the cup. A neon shade of deep green that is hard to describe. This particular product was the recipient of the 2014 Platinum prize at Japan's national Nihoncha Awards. If you love teas with deep umami, this is the one for you. And with its incredible fragrance and low astringency, every cup of this turns out great.

Uji Genmaimatcha $19
Nutty / Toasty / Creamy Texture
Our genmaimatcha hails from the famed town of Uji and is a blend of first flush sencha, high grade matcha powder, and toasted puffed brown rice. A deep green cup with a silky mouthfeel, and a lovely baked grain finish.

Sencha Jou Tea Bags $18 - 12 bags per pack
Marine notes / Fresh cut grass / Umami
Our Sencha Jou is spring picked and incredibly fragrant with a rare depth of flavor and vibrant green color.

Houjicha Tea Bags $18 - 12 bags per pack
Toasted / Caramelized sugar / Umami
Sencha leaves and stems are roasted until caramelizing imbuing this tea with deep fragrances of toasted hazelnut, burnt sugar and slight smoke. Houjicha is light on the palate and naturally low in caffeine.

Genmaimatcha Tea Bags $19 - 12 bags per pack
Toasted Grain / Nutty / Sweet finish
Select sencha is blended with matcha powder and roasted brown rice. Genmaimatcha is wholly satisfying with a toasted fragrance and lingering sweetness.

Yumewakaba Black Tea $39
A gem in our collection. Crafted from 100% Yumewakaba cultivar leaves, this is the most refined and expressive black tea we have had the pleasure of sourcing. The beautifully crafted leaf foreshadows what is in store: a honeyed aroma with notes of dried fruits, savory pumpkin, and baked spices. We are so proud to share this wonderful tea with you.


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