• Japanese Green Tea
  • Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea

We are proud to be working with Kettl. Working directly with growers in Japan, we are now able to supply pinnacle-grade tea at reasonable prices directly to customers. All teas are packed in a date-stamped oxygen free packaging, air-shipped directly from Japan and cold stored in our store until dispatch.

Ayame Kabuse (100g) $29 — Baked Grass / Nori / Creamy
Bright piney aroma with a dose of round, buttery, and umami.

Asa No Yume (50g) $32 — Intense Aromatics / Artichoke / Toasted Cashew
Beautiful aromatics, refreshing and focused flavor on the palate, and a lasting buttery sweetness. 

Miyabi Sencha (100g)  $32 — Nutty / Sweet / Pervasive Finish
Sparkling with fresh intense aromatics and clear finish. Sublime balance of umami and sweetness. 

Tsutsuji Sencha (50g) $36
 — Springfield / Wilted Greens / Fresh Wildflower

Laser-focused and round on the palate with a balanced umami and sugar pea-like sweetness. 

Uji no Sato Sencha (100g) $21 — Floral / Silky / Delicate Mineral
Golden Liquor, Light Silky Body, and The Unmistakable “Uji Aroma”.

Asahi Tencha (20g) $52 — Sweet Corn / Elegant Umami / Citrus
Incredibly rare to find unmilled form of matcha. A crystalline brew with the sweetest finish of any tea in our catalog.
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