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Japanese Green Tea

We are proud to be working with Kettl. Working directly with growers in Japan, we are now able to supply pinnacle-grade tea at reasonable prices directly to customers. All teas are packed in a date-stamped oxygen free packaging, air-shipped directly from Japan and cold stored in our store until dispatch.


Uji no Sato Sencha (100g) $22  *Recommended for beginners
Floral / Silky / Delicate Mineral
Uji, Japan
Light and fragrant, with a refreshing minerality and mild fruitiness, Uji No Sato is a delicate, light steamed Sencha from Uji. The absence of intense umami makes this a wonderful choice for those who find a more “tea” like green tea to be their specialty. It was our hope to offer a tea that exemplified the Kyoto style Sencha: light, refreshing and exotic. This blend of primarily Yabukita was harvested in spring by multiple tea growers and gathered at auction by our producer. The finishing techniques employed are first-rate and this field blend showcases exactly why Uji is still revered as the Burgundy of Japanese tea. Overall, a wonderful daily drinker and a great intro to Kyoto style Sencha.

Shizu 7132 Shincha (50g) $30
Spicy / Floral / Elegant
Shizuoka, Japan
An exquisite single cultivar Sencha from the mountains of Shimizu in Shizuoka Prefecture. Developed from select Yabukita seeds, Shizu7132 is prized for its elevated levels of the vanilla like chemical Coumarin that exudes a delicate Sakura leaf aroma. Manufactured to maximized aroma, this tea is a light steamed Asamushi style Sencha. The beautiful needle shaped leaves expand over multiple steepings making this a wonderful tea to sit with for a longer session. Truly unique and truly delicious, Shizu7132 is a wonderful glimpse at the character and quality of the mountain style Senchas of Shizuoka

Koushun Shincha (50g) $30
Floral / Fruity / Delicate Minerality
Shizuoka, Japan
This Remarkable High Mountain Sencha From Shizuoka Is Grown At Altitude On The Steep Slopes Just South Of Mount Fuji. Koushun is a unique cultivar that exudes a wildflower aroma with a gentle mineral backbone and a sophisticated and understated astringency. This light steamed sencha is a remarkable example of terroir driven, single cultivar sencha at its best.

Fuyu No Hana Winter Shincha (100g) $30
Spring Scent / Toasted Praline / Subdued Umami
Fukuoka, Japan
A unique seasonal tea that is a burst of freshness in the short, cold days of early winter. Fuyu no Hana means Winter Flower and is gently dried with traditional Japanese charcoal imparting a gently toasted note. A lovely tea perfect for a meaningful everyday cup.

Kukicha #1 (100g) $30
Blanched Greens / Citrus / Gentle
Fukuoka, Japan
A blend of stems and leaf from the hills of Fukuoka. Kukicha boasts a beautiful glowing green color, rich fruity aroma, and a slightly toasty finish. Poised and refined but priced to be enjoyed daily. Brimming with flavor and aroma, it is about as satisfying a tea you can find. The word “Mottainai” in Japanese roughly translates to “waste nothing” - and this is a direct product of that mind frame. The stems and irregular pieces that are removed during the finishing process of sencha are reconstituted along with some sencha leaf. The tea stem has a wonderfully fruity character that you often miss in sencha - and when the stem comes from ast high quality of tea plants as ours, you get beautiful balance and a notable savory tang. If you are looking for a deeply satisfying tea for daily consumption, look no further.

Ayame Kabuse (100g) $31 *Recommended 
Baked Grass / Nori / Creamy
Nagasaki, Japan

Bright piney aroma with a dose of round, buttery, and umami, Ayame Kabuse is a Sencha that undergoes shading before harvest. This short shading period takes place 10 days before harvest and intensifies the color of the leaf while adding depth and sweetness. It also works to limit the development of any astringent or bitter qualities in the leaf. Kabuse is often described as the link between Sencha and Gyokuro. It maintains the refreshing brightness of Sencha while also offering a richer, deeper umami associated with Gyokuro. Recommended for those who like their Sencha deep and rich 

with plenty of unctuous mouthfeel. 

Asa No Yume (50g) $34
Intense Aromatics | Artichoke Heart | Toasted Cashew
Nagasaki, Japan
Just a short drive from the famous tea growing region of Ureshino in Saga prefecture lies the area of Higashi Sonogi in northern Nagasaki prefecture. Higashi Sonogi lies just inland from the Omura bay - just close enough to catch from of the cool breeze of the water. Nagasaki is warm and the cultivars grown here are the classics you'd expect in this region - but bucking the trend, Asa No Yume is made from 100% Asatsuyu cultivar leaves. Asatsuyu is the parent cultivatar of Saemidori (it was crossed with Yabukita) - the reason being it is notoriously difficult to grow. Nagasaki has lower frost risk than many other others—in part due to the ocean breeze - and the soil and hours of sunlight make Asatsuyu a better candidate for the area. And we are thrilled. Asatsuyu provides a clear, sweet brew with an astonishing color in the cup. A neon shade of deep green that is hard to describe. This particular product was the recipient of the 2014 Platinum prize at Japan's national Nihoncha Awards. If you love teas with deep umami, this is the one for you. And with its incredible fragrance and low astringency, every cup of this turns out great.

Fujimidori Sencha (100g) $34
Sweet / Fresh / Subdued Umami
Fukuoka, Japan
One of our most beloved Sencha, Fujimidori is a clear and bright single cultivar Sencha from Fukuoka. While a brother to the unique Shizu 7132, Fujumidori brews up with a slightly sweet and subdued umami. A rich, clear and bright colored liquor is as rewarding to the eyes as it is the mouth.

Miyabi Sencha (100g) $34
Sweet / Hazelnut / Subdued Umami
Fukuoka, Japan
Miyabi sencha is sparkling with fresh, intense aromatics and a sweet and clear finish. Truly one of our most aromatic sencha, Miyabi carries the hallmark "hiire" aroma of many Yame sencha - a deep nuttiness reminiscent of toasted hazelnuts. Miyabi is an easy tea to fall in love with.

Zairai Gold Sencha (100g) $36
Husk Cherry / Sweet Corn / Meringue
Fukuoka, Japan
An exciting new tea to our lineup. Zairai refers to tea grown from native tea seeds and not developed by cross breeding. Zairai Gold has a genetic mutation that limits Chlorophyll which in turns limits the the transfer of Theanine into Catechin. Long story short, Zairai Gold is rich in umami and sweetness with a fascinating Husk Cherry aroma. Truly, tea to fall in love with.
Recommended for lovers of the richer style of Kyushu style senchas—our Tsutsuji and Ayame Kabuse for example—will adore this tea.

Tsutsuji Sencha (50g) $38 

Springfield / Wilted Greens / Fresh Wildflower
Fukuoka, Japan

Laser-focused and round on the palate with a balanced umami and sugar pea-like sweetness. Tsutsuji is hand-picked and machine processed to be shown competitively at tea fairs in Japan.

Teas of this caliber are meant to showcase the skills of the producer and while they don't make up a large percentage of the volume of a tea maker's yearly sales, they are considered extremely important. The beautiful fine glossy leaves are extremely uniform and the brewed color of the tea glows in a subdued manner that exudes sophistication. The name Tsutsuji is a reference to the flower of the blooms in spring, right around the same time that this tea is harvested. If you are looking to try one of the great teas of Kyushu, we absolutely recommend Tsutsuji. 

Tokujou Sencha(50g) $38
Best in Class Umami / Baking Chocolate / Laser Focus
Fukuoka, Japan
A special Sencha from the deep mountains of Fukuoka. As richly textured a Sencha we have ever tasted. Layers of rich umami with zero astringency. The fragrance is one that you won’t soon forget. If you are looking for the ultimate Sencha, this may just be it. This Sencha boasts a best in class mouthfeel offering a creamy umami with maximum sweetness and an intergrated fragrance of cacao and just-picked freshness.

Chiran Sencha (100g) $40 — Fresh Grass / Savory Tang / Pervasive Sweetness
This Sencha is coveted for higher levels of aromatic compounds—specifically plant alcohols and Esters that provide an incredibly rich and grassy aroma. We can safely categorize Kagoshima as an area that produces deeply green, fragrant Sencha. The brewed color of tea is considered of high importance in this region—so tea makers avoid any processes that could affect that. Less "hiire" firing keeps a wonderfully fresh aroma and bright green color while deeper steaming intensifies the thickness of the brew without sacrificing fragrance. Chiran is considered one of the most important areas of production within Kagoshima and focuses on both the Yutaka Midori and Saemidori cultivar. Naturally, We gravitate towards the profile of Saemidori as it is sweet, rich and generally a very easy brewing cultivar. We absolutely love this version of 100% Saemidori Chiran Sencha and know you will too.

Mebuki Shincha (100g) $52 

— Fresh Cut Grass / Toasted Pecan / Sweet Corn
Mebuki is bursting with freshness and aroma— a true celebration of Spring.

Shincha is essentially Sencha that is enjoyed for a short period—directly after harvest each Spring. You can think of it as the Beaujolais nouveau of Tea—the first release and a celebration of the season ahead. Shincha is coveted for higher levels of aromatic compounds—specifically plant alcohols and esters that will, no matter how well stored the tea is, slowly fade with time. So enjoying shortly after harvest is a joy that can only be had once a year. We love this 100% Saemidori Shincha that brews up with a piercing green color. Mebuki presents itself as a bit more reserved when it comes to the savory qualities of Yame tea. We love the balance of Mebuki - sweet and smooth with a hint of nuttiness. We couldn't be more excited to share this beautiful tea. Truly Springtime in a cup.

 Yabukita Kabuse Shincha (50g) $62 

A stunning shaded Sencha from the mountaibs of Shizuoka. This Kabuse is made from 100% Yabukita cultivar leaves and is gently shaded. A rich, full bodied umami meets the freshness of light steamed, single cultivar Shizuoka tea. A wonderful combination.

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